Monday, July 28, 2014

Paycheck Wishlist

Hey all,

I'm in the thick of job hunting right now. Sometimes I take a break from hunting, and daydream a little about how things will be once I'm employed. My fiancé and I budget an allowance for ourselves after all the life things are paid for, and the savings are tucked away. (Our budget is based on this brilliant read, if you're curious). Lately, I've been saving up things to spend my future allowance on, and I thought I'd share some with you, and prioritize things a bit in the process! (Picture heavy post.)

1.  Our wedding rings, from the magnificent Catbird. (Not pictured below, they're secret!)

Claire Kinder Studio Bateau Ring
Digby + Iona Rope Band

2. Developing film with the highly recommended Pro Photo Connection or the Indie Film Lab. I'll be getting prints of some of my parents' old slides too.

3. Some everyday-wear fine jewelry, because it's time. I need some minimalist pieces to mix with statement pieces.

Bario Neal Crescent Bracelet 
Catbird Jewelry Ballerina Collar
Hero King Brass Cuff Ring

4. A Nikon adaptor for some Minolta lenses I scooped up for a pittance at an estate sale.

5. Some new workout gear. (Recently I received what I call my moon pants, and my astronaut shirt, and they are great.)
Saucony Originals Bullet

Look Human Three Star Goku Uniform
Blogilates Perfect Seamless Sports Bra

6. Canvases for painting.

7. Tires for my bike.

8. This quilt project by Haptic Lab. They also have maps of America, 17 different cities, and the Northern and Southern skies.

9. Fat crochet hooks for big comfy yarn.

Skacel Addi Bamboo Crochet Hooks
Okay, these are REALLY expensive. They're just here for eye candy. Furls Handmade Wood Crochet Hook.
Do you guys have a priority buy list? Or is it impulse shopping all the way?

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