Tuesday, March 4, 2014

12 in 2014: Hello March, Goodbye Internet

Don't you love me anymore?!
March marks the start of the hardest resolution I’ve given myself. This month, I will limit myself to two hours of internet time each day. I’m composing this offline, my Ethernet cable looking at me forlornly, cast from its cozy socket.

The sight of it makes me antsy. That is worrisome. 

Let’s start off with some math. How many hours will I spend on the internet this month, if I succeed in my resolution? 2 hours a day, for 31 days is 62 hours, or 2½ days.

At first glance, that’s alarming. Upon further reflection, however, this is a huge improvement for me. How much time do I usually spend online? Well…I made this resolution for a reason. 

I hope this month I can finally get around to doing all the things I want to do but just…don’t. It makes no sense, but I often think people are their own worst enemies when it comes to living happily. We know the things we love to do, what our hearts desire, so we avoid doing them. Whether out of fear, or self-doubt, we avoid doing what we love. All that happens when we delay our own happiness is that we live lives of regret. For me, the fear of wasting life is much greater than my doubts, my laziness, or my self-consciousness. This month, I am eliminating my biggest distraction tool, so that I can do less “what if,” and more “I did it!” 

(As it happens you’ll read this post when I’m already several days into this challenge. My bad.)


  1. That is so true and very ironic, isn't it? Good luck on this year's resolution...I'm also working on some self-discipline as well!

  2. Thank you! Yeah... it has been harder than I'd care to admit so far, but I am really determined to succeed at this one.