Friday, March 7, 2014

12 in 2014: February Success

The Pink Japan Edition

Here are the final pictures for February! I am really thrilled to have actually taken a photo everyday, after not doing so well with yoga in January. I think I'm on my way to taking photos daily as a matter of course, but there are some things I noticed that will make my future resolutions easier to accomplish.

February was quite busy, and on a couple of days I only managed to get one photo in the evening, when I'd panic and realize I'd forgotten. So, I think to further reinforce a habit, I need to schedule a time to do it. Of course photographs happen when they happen--sometimes the moment is just right. Nonetheless, being reminded to take a picture at a consistent time would probably make the impulse more ingrained. I think this is part of the reason I failed at daily yoga. I never wake up at a consistent time, so morning yoga was out of the question. I ended up always doing it in the evening, but the times I did it varied wildly, so it became a burden rather than second-nature.

Overall, I'm calling February a resounding success. We're about one week into March now, and I have continued to take photographs everyday without much effort. I'll post some of my better photos on here every now and then, but you can always check out my full body of work at my Flickr.

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